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LGK-100 Plasma Cutter

LGK-100 plasma cutter uses the plasma gas flow with high speed, high temperature and high energy to heat and melt the workpiece. Then condensed air is used to exhaust the melt and form the cutting edge. The welder possesses many advantages such as high cutting speed, smooth cutting surface, small thermal deformation and low cost.

LGK-100 plasma cutter is mainly used to planning and chipping of carbon steel, stainless steel and metal materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys.

Technical parameters Model LG-100 IGBT
U1 ranted input voltage AC (V) 380
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Number of input phases(PH) 3
Input power(kVA) 14
U0 output open-circuit voltage DC(V) 310
U2 cutting voltage DC(V) 90~120
I2 rated cutting current DC(A) 100
Adjustable range of cutting current DC(A) 25~100
Level of protection IP23
Power factor 90%
Insulation level F
Cooling method Air cooling
X rated load duty cycle (%) 60
Pressure of condensed air(mPa) 0.3~0.5
Gas delay(S) 7~9
Maximum cutting gauge(mm) 35

1. This kind of plasma cutter can work continuously under heavy load and is applicable to working with high intensity.

2. This kind of plasma cutter adopts soft switch inverting technology. The cutting current is quite stable.

3. This kind of plasma cutter employs cutting current slow rising technology so as to lower the cost of fittings of the cutting torch.

4. This kind of plasma cutter has strong applicability to a wide range of grid voltage.

5. This kind of plasma cutter has specialized design to protect it against dust. The machine features high reliability.

6. The cutting current of the plasma cutter can be preset accurately and the adjustment part is step-less.

7. This kind of plasma cutter can detect and indicate pressure of plasma. It can effectively reduce the probability of abnormal damage to the cutting torch.

8. This kind of plasma cutter can conduct gas trial which makes it easy to adjust the pressure.

9. This kind of plasma cutter is equipped with self-protection against many possible hazards such as overheat, overvoltage, under-voltage and phase loss.

As a portable plasma cutter manufacturer and supplier, Sunye mainly provides IGBT inverter welders and cutters for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper alloy. As this inverter plasma cutter has functions of overheat protection, undervoltage and overvoltage protection, our company provides safe industrial inverter welders and cutters with competitive prices.
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