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ZX7-500 DC Inverter MMA Welder

ZX7-500 DC inverter MMA welder is applicable to the welding of welding rods of different kinds, such as acid ones, alkaline ones, those made from stainless steel and those welded under low oxygen environment. It is widely used in petrol chemistry industry, power construction, building work, shipbuilding, steel structure and general machinery manufacturing industry.

Model ZX7-500
Rated input voltage Three phase 380V±15% 50/60Hz(AC)
Rated input capacity 25KVA
Rated input current 38A
Rated load duty cycle 60%
Arc ignition current 0-100A
Welding current 20-500A
Arc force current 0-200A
Efficiency 89%
Power factor 0.95
Insulation level of the main transformer F
Insulation level of the output reactor F

1. This kind of welder is high temperature tolerant. It can remain stable operation under high temperature even that of 40 degrees centigrade.

2. This kind of welder gathers multiple power sources together on one device. The power source can not only be used alone, but also be divided into different groups in operation.

3. The fluctuation range of the input voltage can be as large as 20%.

4. This kind of welder can perform stable welding even when the cable is extended 100 meters.

5. This kind of welder is equipped with multiple protection against lightning strike, overcurrent and temperature abnormality.

Sunye mainly provides industrial inverter welders, a reliable DC inverter MMA welder manufacturer and supplier. MMA welding, full name of manual metal arc welding, a kind of shielded metal arc welding machine. As this inverter welder adopts 500A welding current, and with overcurrent protection, our company provides quality and safety IGBT inverter welders for clients.
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