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WS-500 Digital DC Inverter TIG Welding Machine

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WS-500 Digital DC inverter TIG welding machine is applicable to the all position welding of sheet metal of different metals such as carbon steel, low carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel.
It’s widely used in many industries such as petrol chemistry, boilers, pressure vessel and aviation industry.

Model WS500
Rated input voltage Three phase 380V±10% 50/60Hz(AC)
Rated input capacity 25KVA
Rated input current 38A
Rated load duty cycle 60%
★Ventilation in advance 0.1-15s
Starting current 20-200A
★Ramp time 0.1-10s
Arc ignition current 0-200A
Welding current 20-500A
Arc force current 0-250A
Decay time 0.1-15s
★Arc stopping time 20A-500A
★Delay time 0.1-15s
Efficiency 89%
Power factor 0.95
Insulation level of the main transformer F
Insulation level of the output reactor F

1. This kind of welding machine is equipped with digital display board. It can preset the welding current accurately. It's quite easy to use.

2. The welding voltage can be regulated continuously so as to match well with the welding current. The welding properties are excellent. The welder can also realize CO2 shielded welding.

3. The comprehensive operating cost of this kind of welding machine is about 40% of cost of manually operated welding. It's quite energy-saving and efficient.

4. This kind of welding machine is strongly resistant to fluctuations of grid voltage. The welding torch is capable of self-locking.

5. The advantages of this kind of welding machine include smooth welding process, little welding spatter, high metal deposition rate and elegant weld forming.

6. This kind of welding machine adopts fine controlled arc ignition method which greatly boosts the probability of successful arc ignition.

7. This kind of welding machine has gone through pickling, phosphating and electrostatic powder spraying. The paint film is smooth, solid and resistant to erosion and fracture.

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