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WSM-400 Pulse DC Inverter TIG Welding Machine

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  • welding sample

WSM-400 Pulse DC inverter TIG welding machine is applicable to many different fields such as petrochemical engineering, pressure vessel, power construction and stainless steel manufacturing.

Model WSM-400
Rated input voltage Three phase380V±10% 50Hz(AC)
Rated input capacity 18.4KVA
Rated input current 28A
Rated load duty cycle 60%
Ventilation in advance 0.1-15s
Starting current 20-160A
Rise time 0.1-10s
Arc ignition current 0-160A
Constant current 20-400A
Arc force current 0-200A
Pulse frequency 0.2-100Hz
Decay time 0.1-10s
Crater time 20-400A
Delay time 0.1-15s
Efficiency 89%
Power factor 0.95
Weight 50kg
Insulation level of the main transformer F
Insulation level of the output reactor F

1. This kind of welding machine applies digital control and is full featured. All functional parameters can be preset accurately. The melting width of the weld and the ripple coefficient of the weld bead can be controlled freely to avoid the strike of high current during arc ignition. In the end of the welding process, the crater can be filled. The welding machine performs well when welding sheet metal of all kinds of thickness.

2. This kind of welding machine has excellent adjustability. It can serve four different welding purposes. It is able to perform manually operated arc welding and DC argon arc welding. The welder is quite easy to use.

3. This kind of welding machineemploys high frequency and high voltage arc ignition method. The probability of successful arc ignition is almost 100%. The arc is stable, soft, centralized and elastic. All the above mentioned advantages ensure high welding quality.

4. The pulsed-current, pulse frequency and pulse width can be adjusted arbitrarily in a wide range to meet the demands of different kinds of welding.

5. Manually controlled arc welding has little solder spatter. The welding current is stable which greatly improve the reliability and shaping of weld.

6. Passive power factor correction is adopted in the welding machine to raise the power factor.

7. This kind of welding machineemploys water cooling and is equipped with gas welding machine with double protection so as to prolong its service life effectively.

8. This kind of welding machinehas gone through pickling, phosphating and electrostatic powder spraying. The paint film is smooth, solid and resistant to erosion and fracture.

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