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NBC-350 IGBT Inverter Arc Welder, MIG / MAG Welder

NBC-350 IGBT inverter arc welder is applicable to all-position welding of sheet metal of different metals such as carbon steel, low carbon steel and stainless steel.

Model NBC-350
Rated input voltage 380V±10%/50Hz
Rated input capacity 14.4KVA
Rated input current 24A
Rated load duty cycle 60%
Range of output current MIG 60-350A
Range of output current MIG 17.0-31.5V
Output open-circuit voltage 60V
Open-circuit losses 35W
Efficiency ≥89%
Power factor ≥0.87
Diameter of the welding wire Ф0.8/1.0/1.2
Gas flow of CO2 15-20L/min
Insulation level of the main transformer F
Insulation level of the output reactor F

1. NBC-350 IGBT inverter arc welder is equipped with digital display. It's easy for the current and the voltage to match with each other. The welder has a wide adjustable output range with the output current ranging from 60A-350A and the output voltage ranging from 17V-31.5V.

2. The welding voltage of MIG MAG welder can be regulated continuously so as to match the welding current with high accuracy. It has fine welding performance and is capable of CO2 shielded arc welding.

3. This kind of welding machine can be self-locked which greatly reduces the work intensity during large scale welding of long weld.

4. MIG MAG welder is equipped with waveform control technology which enables small weld spatter and elegant shape.

5. This kind of arc welder can retreat the arc and remove the solder ball. This function makes the process of arc ignition smooth and swift.

6. The welding cable can be lengthened to 50 meters.

7. The major power devices and main control panel of the arc welder have all gone through special treatment to prove them against moisture, smoke and dust.

8. MIG MAG welder has strong ability in dealing with fluctuations of grid voltage.

9. This kind of arc welder can work with high efficiency (more than 89%) which greatly saves energy.

10. MIG MAG welder performs well when working with other specialized machine.

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