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NBC-630E Digital IGBT Inverter MIG / MAG Welder (Gas Metal Arc Welding Machine)

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NBC-630E digital IGBT inverter gas metal arc welder is applicable to all-position welding of sheet metal with different metals such as carbon steel, low carbon steel and stainless steel.

Model NBC-630E
Rated input voltage Three phase 380V±15% 50/60Hz(AC)
Rated input capacity 35KVA
Rated input current 45A
Rated load duty cycle 60%
Range of output current(MIG MMA) 60-630A 55-630A
Range of output voltage(MIG MMA) 17-45V
Output open-circuit voltage 70V
Open-circuit losses 35W
Operating efficiency ≥89%
Power factor ≥0.87
Diameter of the welding wire(mm) Ф1.2/1.6/2.0
Gas flow of CO2 15-20L/min
Insulation level of the main transformer F
Insulation level of the output reactor F

1. This kind of arc welder is equipped with digital display panel which enables accurate preset of welding current and free adjustment.

2. MIG MAG welder have reliable performance in resisting the voltage fluctuation of power network. The welding torch can realize self-locking.

3. Fine controlled arc ignition method is adopted which greatly boosts the successful arc ignition.

4. Additional capability of unified adjustment enables operators to regulate currents and voltages more easily.

5. Arc welding machine is designed with multiple protection function such as lightning protection, overheat protection and overvoltage protection.

Sunye mainly provides metal welding IGBT inverter welder. As a leading digital MIG MAG welder manufacturer and supplier, and MIG welding refers to metal inert gas welding and MAG welding refers to metal active gas welding, there are a variety of industrial welders used for carbon steel welding, stainless steel welding and alloy steel welding. As our company design and manufacture inverter welders with experience, and our welding machines certified by ISO and 3C, we can provide quality industrial inverter welders with competitive prices.
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